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Selling your home is a big decision, and unexpected issues during the inspection process can derail the entire deal. With a pre-inspected Move-In Certified® home, you gain the advantage of selling smarter, faster, and stress-free.

Your Key to Success

A Move-In Certified® Seller Inspection, or a pre-listing inspection, offers significant benefits:

For You:

  • Uncover hidden problems: Identify and address potential issues before they become deal-breakers for buyers.
  • Control the narrative: Make repairs on your terms, avoiding last-minute negotiations and delays, and giving you time to obtain multiple repair estimates.
  • Attract confident buyers: Showcase your home’s condition with a transparent, detailed report, attracting serious buyers ready to close.
  • Reinforced asking price: Justify your full asking price with documented proof of your home’s quality.
  • Reduce contingencies: Buyers with more confidence are less likely to request unnecessary inspections, easing the sales process.

For Buyers:

  • Peace of mind: Move-In Certified® reports offer transparency and assurance about the home’s condition. The InterNACHI-backed Move-In Certified® program adds credibility and value to listings.
  • Reduced contingencies: Knowing potential issues upfront reduces the need for additional inspections, speeding up the closing process.
  • Faster decision-making: Confidence in the home’s condition allows buyers to move forward with certainty.

More information about the Move-In Certified® program is available on the InterNACHI website.

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