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Preserving the Past

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Owning a historic home provides a unique connection to the past. However, these structures often present special challenges that require extra knowledge. At VERIDORN Inspections, we understand historic properties in Gillette, WY, and have first-hand experience. We offer inspections just for these homes to help keep their charm and character.

Please note that we do not check for lead or asbestos. For those things, it’s best to hire a qualified specialist.

Why Choose Us for Your Historic Home?

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  • InterNACHI┬« Certified Inspectors: Our inspectors hold many InterNACHI┬« certifications, and have in-depth knowledge and experience in historic building materials, construction methods, and potential preservation concerns.
  • Respectful and Careful Approach: We know your historic home is special to you. Our inspectors look at everything very carefully. We respect your home’s unique features and the fine details of how it was made.
  • Technology Enhanced: We use advanced tools such as thermal imaging and moisture meters to uncover hidden issues. These help us find hidden problems without disturbing your home’s delicate historic materials.
  • Transparency and Collaboration: After the inspection, you’ll get a detailed report that explains what we found. The report will have pictures and guidance. We’re happy to answer your questions and work with you or preservation contractors.

Our Specialized Historic Home Inspection

  • Foundation Inspections: We closely check the foundation, framing, and important structural parts. We look for signs of age-related damage or problems. We keep in mind the special challenges of historic construction.
  • Exterior Envelope Assessment: Inspecting roofing materials, flashing, siding, and waterproofing for signs of weather damage, noting alterations and moisture concerns.
  • Interior Systems Evaluation: Assessing plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC systems, and ventilation for functionality, safety, and compatibility with the home’s historical character.
  • Historical Materials and Features: Analyzing historic materials such as plaster, boilers, masonry, and woodwork for proper care, potential damage, and restoration needs.
  • Safety Guidance: Understanding the unique considerations for historic structures and providing guidance on navigating processes for renovations or repairs.

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