Inspection Pricing

The VERIDORN Difference

We focus on inspection technology, innovation, and advanced reporting to unlock long-term value.

Detailed reports

Our reports are clearly formatted, and are easy to understand. Individual findings include high-resolution photos and videos.

Included infrared scan†

We believe you should have the most information as standard, so we’ll include a full infrared scan at no additional cost.

Free warranty and buy-back guarantee

Move into your new home with additional peace of mind with our best-in-class No Surprises Warranty and Buy-Back Guarantee.

Confirm radon presence

For an additional one-time fee of $84, you'll receive a standard short-term (48 hour) radon test and report.

Standard Home Inspection

Starting at

Pricing depends on factors like size and age of the home. Older, larger homes take longer.

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  • Detailed findings report
  • Digital and printed reports
  • Utility shut off location tags
  • Maintenance checklist
  • FREE infrared scan
  • FREE appliance report

We have no hidden fees: Pricing adders include travel distance ($2/mi), property age ($1.60/yr), property square footage ($0.04/sq ft), multi-family ($150/addit. unit), and outbuildings (upon request, $125/ea or $165/ea with utilities).

We accept all credit and debit card payments, bank debits, Apple Pay®, Google Pay, Cash App Pay, and more.

†Our ability to perform infrared imaging depends on the current temperature delta (i.e., the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature — a larger difference is more favorable). If we're unable to offer this on the day of your inspection, we will come back out when conditions improve at no additional cost. We refuse to offer subpar imaging services as unsuitable conditions may falsely represent property conditions.