Commercial Code of Ethics

Investing in commercial property is a significant decision that requires due diligence and trust in your inspector. To safeguard your interests, you need an inspector who adheres to a rigorous code of ethics. That’s where the CCPIA® Code of Ethics comes in, and why VERIDORN’s inspectors are committed to upholding this Code.

How the CCPIA® Code of Ethics Protects You

  • Honesty and Integrity: CCPIA® members are bound to a strict code of conduct, ensuring fair, honest, and impartial assessments of your prospective property.
  • Conflict-Free: CCPIA® inspectors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest, guaranteeing objective evaluations and transparent communication.
  • Confidentiality: The Code prioritizes the protection of your sensitive property information, ensuring your privacy is maintained throughout the inspection process.
  • Non-Discrimination: CCPIA® inspectors treat all clients with respect and fairness, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, familial status, or disability.
  • Safeguarding Your Investment: By adhering to ethical practices, CCPIA® inspectors minimize the risk of undisclosed defects or misleading reports, providing you with a clear and accurate picture of the property’s condition.

Making the Safe and Smart Decision

Choosing an inspector without a strong ethical foundation can jeopardize the success of your commercial property investment. The CCPIA® Code of Ethics provides the solid groundwork you need for a secure and rewarding investment experience.

When it comes to your commercial property inspection, insist on the highest standards of ethical conduct. Choose a CCPIA® inspector and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your investment is protected by a commitment to ethical excellence.


  • Not all inspectors adhere to a code of ethics. Inquire about potential inspectors’ commitment to these guidelines to ensure transparency and protect your investment.
  • VERIDORN inspectors are bound by the CCPIA® Code of Ethics. You can find the latest edition on the CCPIA® website.