Energy Analysis

Optimize Your Building’s Efficiency

We offer energy analysis services to help commercial property owners and managers identify opportunities for improved efficiency. This service can help reduce operating costs and enhance sustainability. We are CCPIA┬« members trained in the latest energy auditing techniques and technologies. We can provide you with valuable insights and guidance to optimize your building’s performance.

The Importance of Energy Analysis

An energy analysis, or energy audit, is a critical step in understanding how your property consumes energy. This process guides you on identifying areas for improvement. By conducting a thorough assessment of your building’s systems and components, our inspectors can help you:

  • Reduce energy consumption and operating costs
  • Identify and prioritize energy-saving measures
  • Improve occupant comfort and productivity
  • Enhance the property’s marketability and asset value
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship

Our Energy Analysis Process

Our energy analysis process is designed to provide a holistic assessment of your property’s energy performance. Our inspectors employ a range of techniques and technologies to gather data and identify opportunities for improvement, including:

  • Utility Bill Analysis: We review your property’s utility bills to identify trends in energy consumption. This helps to establish a baseline for measuring the success of energy-saving measures.
  • Building Envelope Assessment: Our inspectors evaluate the building’s envelope, including walls, roofs, windows, and doors, to identify areas of heat loss, air infiltration, and moisture intrusion.
  • HVAC System Evaluation: We assess the efficiency and performance of your property’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This helps identify opportunities for optimization and upgrade.
  • Lighting System Assessment: Our inspectors evaluate your property’s lighting systems, including fixtures, controls, and daylighting strategies, to identify opportunities for energy savings and improved occupant comfort.
  • Thermal Imaging: Using infrared cameras, our inspectors can identify hidden issues such as air leaks, moisture intrusion, and electrical faults, providing valuable insights for targeted repairs and improvements.
  • Water Conservation Assessment: We evaluate your property’s water consumption and identify opportunities for conservation, including low-flow fixtures, smart irrigation systems, and leak detection.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging (or infrared scanning or thermography), is a valuable tool in our energy analysis process. This lets us see heat patterns invisible to the naked eye, so we can identify a wide range of issues that impact energy efficiency and building performance, including:

  • Electrical faults and overloaded circuits
  • Missing or damaged insulation
  • Air leaks and heat loss through walls, ceilings, and windows
  • Moisture intrusion
  • HVAC system leaks and malfunctions
  • Plumbing leaks and pipe insulation issues

Thermal imaging allows us to diagnose the root causes of energy inefficiencies and prioritize repairs and improvements for maximum impact.

Energy Analysis Excellence

At VERIDORN, we are committed to helping commercial property owners and managers optimize the energy performance and sustainability of their buildings. By partnering with us for your energy analysis needs, you can:

  • Gain valuable insights into your property’s energy consumption and efficiency
  • Identify cost-effective strategies for reducing energy waste and operating costs
  • Enhance the comfort, productivity, and well-being of your building’s occupants
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • Increase the marketability and asset value of your property

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