Why We Prefer Emails

While phone calls may be preferred, communicating with you regarding our commercial offerings via email is in your best interest.

  • Often, answering your queries might involve directing you to online documents, which isn’t feasible over a phone call. Emails allow us to provide you with direct links and documents for your convenience.
  • Email communication ensures we receive accurate details such as your name and address, which can sometimes be misheard over the phone.
  • For those who value keeping a written record of interactions for future reference, emails are inherently more suitable than phone calls.
  • Should your inquiries require research for accurate responses, an email gives us the opportunity to investigate thoroughly without keeping you waiting on the line.
  • Unlike phone conversations that necessitate note-taking, emails serve as a permanent record of our exchange, offering you something to refer back to as needed.
  • The clarity and reliability of email text are unaffected by poor phone connections or dropped calls, ensuring your message is always fully received and understood.
  • It’s easier for us to multitask and respond to emails while completing other work, which may not be the case with phone calls.
  • Email also ensures that your message is conveyed clearly and understood as intended, leading to quicker, more accurate responses.

Our dedication is to our customers, aiming to assist you promptly and efficiently. By choosing email as a primary mode of communication for any inquiries or issues regarding services, booking, or other concerns, you’re enabling us to serve you better. Emailing us ensures your message gets the attention it deserves.

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